Friday, October 09, 2009

Seven Quick Takes - 10/9/09

1. Today is the definition of dreary. Cold, rainy, gray. Just BLAH. So I have declared today an official Pajama Day. Which could be problematic considering we are supposed to go to a friend's house later. But seriously? Why get dressed and leave the house when it's so icky out? I'd rather drink hot chocolate and read a book.

2. I haven't done a 6 month post yet because we haven't had time. We were out of town on his actual 6 month "birthday" and then he got shots on Monday, including a WRETCHED FLU SHOT that made him sick and irritable the next day. He's also been sleeping a ton and we normally do photos shoots when Alex is home, so we can get better pictures. But that's tough to do when the child goes to bed before 7. So Alex gets to spend, like, an HOUR with him before it's bedtime and who wants to take pictures when you can cuddle?

Uh, that was very long and boring and TMI. I apologize.

3. Jack has learned how to sit ALL BY HIMSELF. He is such a big boy now. We have photographic evidence of this talent, but sadly, I haven't a clue where the camera cord is. But I promise he can do it. He perfected the art while he spent a week with my parents. Alex is pretty sure he did that to get back at us for leaving him while we skipped the country.

4. I now know why I never buy Halloween candy. I have no self-control AT ALL. Alex and I bought a bag (a BIG bag) on a whim last weekend because that is what you do when you're childless in Cleveland. And y'all, we have eaten almost the ENTIRE bag this week. It was A LOT of chocolate. And it is almost ALL GONE. You'd think THAT would motivate me to get back in the gym...and Apparently I am content being fat.

5. We started real, live, honest to God, solid foods this week. I don't know why I kept waiting. I guess the internet and the cook books scared me into waiting until he was OFFICIALLY six months old. First up was green peas and I think he likes them. Maybe. He doesn't HATE them, how about that? I think we'll try sweet potatoes next. Or maybe squash or pumpkin. And pictures will be forthcoming. I think I got some good ones of his "What the...?" face.

6. Did I mention that we're making our own baby food here at the Sand Palace? Because we are. We're big hippie jerks like that. The green peas were pretty easy to make despite the fact that I burned two fingers while steaming them. (Cooking is not my strong suit.) I've checked out about a million gazillion baby food cookbooks from the library and am marking recipes and making lists of foods to try and in what order. I also bought a mini food processor. And! And! It is IMPOSSIBLE to buy silicone ice cube trays in Dayton, OH. Well, I guess not completely impossible, but none of the usual suspects have had them. So I'm out of ideas of where to look for them besides IKEA.

7. So it is no longer a PJ day because someone got some poop on their super cute jammies. Hint: It wasn't me.


phil said...

Yay for 7 quick takes being back!!!

Mel said...

Oh my gosh. You're making me feel like a terrible mom. Not your fault though. What I mean to say is way to go!! You're awesome!