Friday, October 16, 2009

Seven Quick Takes – 9/16/09

1. I mentioned briefly that we started the South Beach Diet this week and so far, we have stuck to it. Which is a FREAKING MIRACLE considering how hard it has been this time. This is probably my third or fourth time going on this diet. I hate and love it all at the same time. I hate it because the first two weeks are TOUGH and I can never find anything tasty and satisfying for breakfast. Also, I miss bread. But I love it because it is really effective and healthy. I love eating the fresh veggies and trying new recipes and the fact that I have already lost 3 pounds certainly doesn’t hurt. The main reason I wanted to do it this time around is because it really does make you lose belly fat first and lo, at six months post partum, the belly fat is abundant. I’m super duper close to being my pre-pregnancy weight, but things are just…not the same. (As I’m sure lots of momma have told you and will continue to tell you until the end of time.) So I needed something to help jumpstart my weight loss, because I’d like to be skinnier than I was when I first got pregnant over a year ago. So far, so good. Except that Alex has lost 7 pounds already and I hate him.

2. So here’s the thing. Our baby HATES SLEEPING. At least, he hates sleeping in large chunks of time. We have spent SO MUCH TIME this week just trying to get him to GOBACKTOSLEEPOMG. It’s driving us both a little batty. It has SEVERLY cut into our wind down/clean without the baby/do project/SLEEP time. I cannot handle even the THOUGHT of letting him cry it out, so I found that the library had the No Cry Sleep Solution on the shelf. I sent the link to Alex whose reaction was, “Ok, go get it right now!” Because Alex is a lighter sleeper than I am and ALWAYS wakes up with the baby. (See also: Saint!) In fact, I had to stop typing this entry four times to go tend to him because he was WAILING. Even when Alex was in there with him. (Well, I started this Thursday night and it's now Friday night. I had to quit typing because of the upset baby last night and today has been EXCITING! and NERVE! WRACKING! (see #7))

3. While Jack may hate sleeping, he likes foooooood. Sweet potatoes? Love! We tried zucchini today and shockingly, he seemed to LIKE it. YEAH, I KNOW. I was POSITIVE that he would hate it, but I didn't get a single funny look the entire time. So I guess zucchinis are in. I really want to expose him to lots of veggies before we hit the fruits. Because he is my son and I know that he will love sweet, sweet fruits and will only want to eat those once he discovers its awesomeness. I can pretty much guarantee this. So squash is next and then I think we’ll do bananas. (I hear babies like bananas.) And then maybe I'll throw in green beans to keep him on his veggie loving toes.

4. I am in love with Glee. I realize I'm a little late to the party on this on this one, but I was unimpressed with the pilot. Then Alex and I watched all of the old episodes the other night on Hulu. And now I am hooked. Mostly because of the singing, oh my word, the singing. I love the singing! It fulfills all of my geeky performance art dreams. I was WAY too shy to ever even think about show choir when I was in high school, so it's nice to vicariously live through it on the show. They did Nelly's "Rid Wit Me" this week and I just about died. And next week? They're supposed to "Thong Song." Ha! But! What I HATE about Glee is the stupid, stupid, stupid pregnancy storyline, particularly that they found out this week it was a girl at their 10 week ultrasound and homegirl isn't even SHOWING yet and still running around in her cheerleader uniform. I know it's fake and I need to willingly suspend my disbelief, but COME ON. At least put her in some flowy tops or SOMETHING.

5. So today, I was feeling a little daring and decided to try on my pre-pregnancy jeans. And y'all, I CAN ZIP AND BUTTON THEM. One pair, which was always small, was SUPER DE DUPER TIGHT and I had the biggest muffin top in the known universe. But the other pair (Same Size, Same Style, Same Brand) fit! They were a little tight and a little muffin toppy. But whatevs. Pre-pregnancy jeans fit! HOLLA!

6. In a case of incredibly dumb luck, the library had The Help last night and I am SO.EXCITED. I WAS on the waiting list at a different branch (I was #106 or something on the list) and then there it was, just sitting there, waiting for me to pick it up. I only have 7 days to read it, so I gotta get on that, like, tonight. And! When I checked it out I won a prize! I have always wanted a library mouse pad and pen! Woo!

7. I got the job! So that's great! But that means I will not be able to stay at home with Jack all the time! So that's terrible! We haven't found childcare yet, and it makes me want to vomit thinking about it. I may or may not have cried TWICE just thinking about it. So it's good news...sort of. Does that make sense? I can still back out, right?


philly said...

So we were late on Glee but watched some on Hulu... I liked the pilot, but mister wasn't too keen until then started singing Steve Perry and then he decided it was okay :-)

Congrats on the job!!

philly said...

I just mentioned you got a job offer and the response was "In Texas?". Move to TEXAS!!!!

Gina said...

hmmm...i think maybe it was 10/16 when you typed this....maybe

The Crows said...

You can call me and cry about childcare. We can cry together and then I'll tell you all about how R LOVES it.....well, maybe she doesn't love it, but she doesn't hate it. And she's making lots of friends. But it is HARD those first few weeks.