Friday, October 30, 2009

Seven Quick Takes - 10/30/09

1. Today has just been flat out crappy. Which is why I'm writing this at 10:30 pm. The child is insanely cranky/sickly/I don't know what the hell is his problem. I am sickly. Alex is sickly. No one is getting any sleep. But! I went to the gym anyway. I feel as though I totally deserve a cookie for that.

2. I had great plans of taking "My First Halloween" pictures today. But seeing as how I could barely get a smile out of Jack or myself today, it just wasn't happening. But please just envision a precious little red headed baby in a "My 1st Halloween!" onesie with an adorable pumpkin on it. Maybe I can get some shots tomorrow before the big costume reveal. Which I have no doubt will go terribly because it's straight up hot here and Jack's costume is very, very warm. And mister man does not enjoy being warm or hot or slightly elevated in temperature in the least.

3. Alex and I watched Sunshine Cleaning last night and I really enjoyed it. It was sad and happy and ridiculous all at the same time. So be prepared to cry if you watch it. We're currently watching Revolutionary Road and yeah. Nothing like a light little happy movie on a Friday night, huh?

4. I almost puked at the gym.

5. So far, I have managed to successfully complete four out of four days of the 30 Day Shred. I know! I'm just as surprised as you are! Especially since I yelled out to Alex on the first day, "I can't do this!" six minutes into the workout. He yelled back, "Yes you can!" And he was right...sort of. I can't handle the constant jumping jacks and jump ropes. I feel like I'm going to DIE. So I straight up take a 5 second break just like Jillian says you can. Except I take more than one break. In a row.

6. This has got to be the most boring 7 Quick Takes EVER. I'm really sorry but nothing is happening right now. And I hate talking about Jack all the time like this is some kind of Mommy Blog or something. But then again, talking about the 30 Day Shred is hella boring. Maybe I won't do NaBloPoMo this year....

7. I doubt I'm dressing up for Halloween this year. My big idea was to be Sue Sylvester, but I haven't found any track suits to my liking. Which is a shame. It was the easiest Halloween costume ever and dice. But this is no surprise, since I have trouble getting into Halloween. Dressing up just seems like such a waste of time and money to me. I blame this on the fact that I wasn't allowed to celebrate Halloween as a child. So that kind of ruined the holiday for me. My mom used to make us sit in the house with the lights out and watch TV on mute so no trick or treaters would come to our house. I'm not even kidding about that. I dreaded Halloween every year. And honestly? I don't even REMEMBER Halloween at Ouachita. Did it even happen? I don't know. Point is: never did it and I fail at it every year I try. So I'll settle for forcing my child into a fluffy, ridiculous costume and taking hundreds of pictures of him instead. Sounds good to me.

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philly said...

Okay... Sue Sylvester is a great costume idea!!! Dress the kid up and enjoy it! Just like your mom didn't let you dress up it is your right as a mom to force him to dress up for as many years as you can!