Monday, February 25, 2008


I've changed a few things over there on the sidebar and thought I'd point them out since I haven't changed the sidebar in months. And heaven forbid you miss the slightest changes in the life of my blog.

First off, NaBloPoMo is going monthly! I am super excited for more posting motivation and am planning on participating in the month of March. The theme is "lists" and if you know me even a little bit, then you will know this right up my alley. Lists make the world go 'round, I say.

I've also added in a new "Reading" list because I've actually started reading again and am really proud of it. Plus, I've read a few good books and would like to share. So watch as I cross books off and add more! Many thanks to the lovely ladies in my book club for helping jumpstart my reading career.

Finally, I have added a link to Seth, my grad school buddy who has been in every single one of my classes thus far. He's one of those annoyingly kind people that you instantly like, has an adorable family and is just all around swell. I am sure you will hate him as I do. :)

Also? Big shout out to the lovely Bell who announced an impending bundle of joy this morning! Holy cow, my friends are getting pregnant! We ARE adults! Many, many congratulations to her and her husband.


Bell said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out. Not sure I've ever been mentioned in a blog before. Woo hoo!

Seth said...

Lilly, you are the best! Thanks for the kind words and kicking butt with me and the crew on midterms. Woohoo! They are over!