Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Blog!

I always miss the actual birthday, but at least I got the month correct this go around. Yes, the little Sand Palace is now three years old! I started blogging way back in 2003 after my ex-boyfriend had dumped me and I desperately needed attention. It worked quite well for a while, but it eventually backfired (see: leadership group of former ministry discussing my blog at their meetings). So once I realized that people do read my blog and do make judgments, that maybe, just maybe I should back off a bit. So I came over here and set up a little place where I was not as easily found (though it has been over time) and do what I do. It's been a good three years. And though it occasionally drives me insane that I don't get nearly as much blog traffic as I used to, I'm happy to have the little blog that could. It's small and dispensable, but it's mine. Which is exactly what the title "Sand Palace" means. So Happy Birthday blog! Here's to another three years!

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