Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rain, Rain....

Y'all, it has GOT to stop raining. The dogs are off their regular schedule and Alex and I can no longer handle cleaning up their messes. Murphy took care of "business" not once, but twice last night. I caught him in the act (ew!) in the kitchen last night after class. And then Alex and I headed down to the basement to zone out in front of the TV (OMG! Did you watch The Hills!? Brody and Lauren are SO going to date!), when the lovely smell of poop wafted up to our nostrils. Alex investigated, and low and behold, Murph dog had taken a dump RIGHT IN FRONT OF A FAN. So the smell was everywhere. Lovely.

And then today? Parsnip and Murphy took care of business on the living room floor. And when I got home from work? Murphy couldn't hold it until then because there was another "present" waiting for me in the living room. DOGS.


I was going to post a picture of the dogs here, but we can't find them. Oh, Alex.

In other news that doesn't involve expelling of waste, I made a doctor's appointment for Thursday and an eye doctor's appointment for Monday. I figure that between the two of them, someone could fix my head. I'm looking forward to it. Although the thought of going through a day in which I don't get a mind-splitting headache and lash out at others just seems so blah, you know? What else will I have to look forward to? Being nice and cordial? Being effective at work again? Smiling at my husband? What kind of life will that be!?

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