Monday, October 22, 2007

Coming out

Well, much like my beloved Dumbledore, I have been outed. No, not as a homosexual, but as a blogger.

I thought (naively, I know) that taking my writings elsewhere, under a different URL and with a different name would keep me safe and protected. Not so. It came to my attention today that many people read this blog who I thought had no clue it existed. So....hi y'all! Welcome...officially.

I'm not sure why I'm so surprised. I'm a lurker at best and a stalker at worse. I know everyone's MySpace, Facebook, and blog. I can point you to references and pictures that reveal parts of their lives that normal people would miss, but not me! No sir, I read about others' lives and then discuss them with those that I love and talk to normally. I just always assumed that I was safe. I knew it was a possibility, but without proof, I was fine living in fantasy land.

But now, I have proof in black and white. People who I didn't invite to read this blog, read it. Weird. I'm not really upset. I post my thoughts on the internet, so they are open game. Which is why I've worked really hard to keep this little piece of real estate as passive-aggressive-and-name-calling-free as possible. Sometimes, I don't succeed, but I've made a conscious effort to be as jerk-free as possible when I write. Which is WAY less fun and probably why I haven't posted in 97 days.

So, yeah, how 'bout that? I've posted thoughts on the internet and people have read them. Crazy how that works.

I'm totally getting a new template now.

P.S. The presentation didn't go so well. I think I bombed. Even my professor looked bored.

P.P.S I think I might have migraines. Either that or it's a tumor, so I'm sincerely hoping it's the former.

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