Sunday, July 15, 2007


I am over half way through. Take THAT craft gods! Bows cannot keep me down!

That's not to say that I don't have PLENTY more to go:

I'm also pleased to report that after hours (and I do mean HOURS) of work last night (an exciting Saturday, eh?), Alex finally got the reply cards to print properly. He has never been so attractive to me as he when he victoriously held up that white sheet of paper and yelled, "FINALLY!" We printed them all immediately, lest something would happen and we'd lose all his hard work.

Did I mention that we also had to get out a completely different printer for them to work? Because we did. I kind of hate Kodak and their new fancy pants printer right now. What good is it if it can't print on whatever size paper I want? We purchased this printer almost immediately after it came out with visions of easily printed invitations dancing in our heads. Plus, the ink is so inexpensive, we figured we'd be saving money in the long run.

I'm beginning to question this, because, not only would it not print the reply cards, but it has also decided to eat the reply envelopes. Witness exhibit A.

It has eaten a total of four reply card envelopes now. I hope Kodak knows we can now only send out 121 invitations and it's all their fault.


Philly said...

They are looking good! You can skip sending me an invite :-) I have the date circled and starred, oh... and a flight booked!!

the slackmistress said...

They look beautiful! And printing is a NIGHTmare. It's odd that it's almost cheaper ot go out and buy a new printer rather than have an older one fixed. Bastards.