Monday, February 05, 2007

I love February

Sorta. I actually kinda hate the month of February because it's short. And goodness knows I hate shortness. Because I'm so tall...

Anyway, it is REALLY cold outside and I cried many, many tears on the way home from work because I managed to get stuck in the snow on a hill in between two cars. Thankfully, some really nice guys came out of nowhere and pushed and prodded and guided and yelled me out to safety. Whew. I've never had that much trouble driving in the snow before and I just freaked out. I called Alex in a panic and he was on his way to save the day when the random strangers came to help me out. He's the best, y'all. Especially since I must have given him what I was suffering from two weeks ago and he can't seem to shake it. Sorry, baby.

But I am excited that next week is Valentine's Day. The best holiday of the year! Yippee!

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