Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow Day!

I am home at 11 am on a Tuesday and I'm not sick. Why? Because I actually got a snow day! Something I've never actually gotten before.

Unfortunately, last night's accumulation of the white death was not enough to keep me from not going to work. So I hauled myself out of bed and past the snowy banks into work this morning. While everyone else's place of employment said, "Stay home. Rest. Don't drive on the dangerous, dangerous roads." My work said, "Come in! But drive safe! And by the way, I bet we'll close at noon, so enjoy that 1 - 2 hour commute for 3 hours of work." Almost 100 people called off, I kid you not. I was one of the faithful few who showed her face. And I was pleased that my face had not been bashed in in a car accident, because had I slid thisclose to two cars through a red light this morning. But I survived. I'm tough, y'all. And then, when the snow turned to sleet, my bosses decided, "Hey! You! Go home! Don't die!"

And now I'm home! Except home = Alex's house. Because he has internet and cable and frozen pizzas. I'm currently eating Junior Mints and sitting under a down blanket/comforter while Parsnip cuddles near me. Right now, life is good. In fact, I'm not sure it could get better.

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