Monday, December 04, 2006

This n That

1. I just cried at the end of Ice Princess. That's embarrassing.

2. Anybody else watch the Billboard Music Awards tonight? Just me? Oh. Well. you ever think that Gwen Stefani gets away with stuff just because she's Gwen Stefani? Not that I hate her new song, but it's out there, just a touch. And this is coming from one of the biggest fans of The Sound of Music EVER. But I gave it a chance because it's Gwen. Would I tolerate the same nonsense from, say, Fergie? Doubtful.

3. I ran, sort of, yesterday in the 29 degree weather. I thought my lungs were going to explode multiple times. I hate hills, y'all. Hate them. I now realize why Louisiana is the best state in the union. There are no hills to kill you there. Anyway, the 5K is Saturday. I will not finish in under 30 minutes. I'm putting that out there right now. That sound you hear is Alex's dreams of having athletic children slowly dying.

4. I've got almost all of my Christmas cards out the door. That's a Cora record. Isn't it cute when I pretend to be an adult?

5. I don't have a "5," but I felt it'd make a good, round list.

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