Friday, December 22, 2006

Slightly Early Christmas

Alex and I decided to exchange presents today. Even though I'm not flying out until Sunday, we had originally thought I'd be driving down on Saturday. So we were both already really focused on exchanging TODAY and no amount of logic would persuade us.

Fortunately, we both got off of work early, so as soon as I got to his house we threw ourselves at the presents like little kids. For the record, I got him:

Season 1 of "The Office"
Video Card (for his computer - I can provide no other details than that, because I have no idea what it means or anything.)
Motherboard (see note above)
Gaming Keyboard (which I'm typing on right now and is QUITE spiffy.)

He got me:
Starbucks Gift Card
Caribou Coffee Gift Card
Fleece blanket (w/ cute Reindeer holding said blanket)
DVD player
Picture Frame
iPod Case
and the pièce de résistance:
a Coach purse.

On paper, it looks like he beat me in the gift department, but that computer stuff is very amazing (from what I hear) and I thought he was going to burst from excitement when he opened those three. Plus, I surprised him with it, and we all know the element of surprise is necessary for any good gift giving.

But anyways, the point is that my purse is amazing and awesome and fantastic and wonderful and perfect. We had gone to the Coach Outlet a few weeks ago and I had spent a good 5 minutes talking about the wonders of this purse and then left it sadly behind. And Alex, being the good boyfriend that he is, snuck back and purchased it for me. Sneaky, sneaky boy. I'm pretty pumped considering this is the most snooty and hip item I have ever owned. Actually, it might be the ONLY snooty and hip item I have ever owned. And call me shallow, but I'm fantastically excited about it.

I'll update after we get pictures downloaded.

Update: Andrew took pictures for me while I was posting. Here's the best one. Note the "flair" he gave the purse by not straightening the strap.



christy said...

Very nice! Merry Christmas!

Sandy said...

That's a really nice purse : ) I have that one in fabric (with the C's all over) but yours is definitely nicer. I love it because it's not too small and not too big, it's juuuust right!

ooh, by the way, just bloghopping and came across yours, cool blog