Sunday, February 19, 2006

McDreamy is my honey even though Burke is like, so totally a better guy. Also, I'm so hotter than Meredith

Anne got me Grey's Anatomy Season 1 on DVD for Valentine's Day! A little late you ask? Yes! But she gave it to me Friday, while I didn't give her her gift until Saturday, so we're totally even, sort of. BGF got his gift from us on Friday as well, so really, February 14th should have been on a Friday this year. Shame on St. Valentine for not picking a constant day of the week like the pilgrims did for Thanksgiving!

(Side note: Anne and I have a weird tendency to give gifts late. I almost always get my birthday presents late every year. And this year, I was getting Christmas presents from her in late January. It's awesome! It's like celebrating ME year round. Now you know the real reason we're friends.)

In other random news, Anne and I went to a Third Day concert last night. Truth be told, the real reason we went was because Anne wanted to see David Crowder and preferred to have someone accompany her. The real reason I went is because I haven't been to a concert since 1972 and I have had a crush on Third Day's lead singer, Mac, since I was in high school. And that's where my biggest reservation came in attending. I haven't seen Third Day since I was in high school, and I certainly haven't bought one of their albums since then. So I figured they'd be playing stuff from, oh, this century, and I wouldn't know any of it. And I like to know at least ONE song that the band is playing, you know? For some reason, it's very important to me that I get to sing along at top of my lungs at least once at a live show. We were both a little annoyed by the time intermission rolled around (we attract the freak shows, Anne and I) and I think we were both considering leaving before Third Day even took the stage. Fortunately for us, we stuck around and enjoyed a surprisingly good show. And most importantly of all, Mac rekindled my love for him by playing "Thief" my very favorite song on their very first album that I bought when I saw them in concert at an outdoor venue in Metarie before they even got big and were the opening act for the opening act. They could have just sat around and twiddled their thumbs for the next hour and a half and I would have been fine, because they played that one song.


Anonymous said...

too bad I am not McDreamy cause you are right; you are WAY hotter than Meredith.

Cora said...

Shut it, BGF

BGF said...

I don't know what you are talking about. That wasn't me. Sounds like someone has a secret admirer. I must say I agree though you are hotter than Meredith.

Cora said...

Nobody's buying it, bucko.