Monday, February 20, 2006

The face that launched 1000 mouse clicks

This face that you see to your left. This face with the somewhat sweet demeanor and particularly good hair that you can't tell very well since it's kind of dark and I like the mellowness of the "no flash" look. This face that really isn't horribly ugly and I don't think looks repulsive. This face which is sitting there on the internet just asking for you, YOU to talk to me. This face ATTRACTS THE BIGGEST LOSERS KNOWN TO MAN IN THE ONLINE DATING WORLD AND OH MY GOD WHAT IS WRONG ME!?


Anonymous said...

{click} {click} {click}

Hubba Hubba

Phil said...

Begging for me details!

christy said...

your hair looks really good. and i'm with phil, more details please.

anona_shawn said...

So I've been reading your journal for a bit now, on the advice of a mutual friend. I don't think she actually advised me to read your journal so much as showed it to me, but I'm still reading it and being amused, entertained, and hopefully laughing with you, not at you.

Just wanted to let you know that from what I've seen -- EVERYONE gets the wierd guys in the dating scene. At least girls dating do. Boys are strange. Yes yes, I'm a boy, I too am strange. I talk about mysefl, I dance around singing "monkey monkey" to myself sometimes, yup, I really do.

Cheer up though, the good news is that sometimes we aren't all bad, just have no idea what to say around a real live honest to goodness girl. The internet though, means you get faster access to the really strange ones. It can work though, I've a good friend getting married soon to one of those strange ones.