Friday, February 17, 2006

Happy Birthday Sand Palace!

One year ago today, I started blogging here at the Sand Palace. I was a little unsure about blogging again after the disaster that was iceegirl. I had been a little TOO personal and had let some uncaring, judgmental pricks see my bare soul. It was a pretty painful lesson to learn. It was a new experience for me. To face such outright hatred from people who were supposed to “love” me. But, oh, the controversy! That was new too and it was a heady experience; a power trip that I delighted in for a while, but later regretted. So one day I suddenly decided it was all too much and quit.

But I loved blogging. I had stories I wanted to share and I still had a desire to be KNOWN. I decided to start a new blog, but was hesitant since there was NO WAY I was going back to blogging under my real name. The last thing I wanted to be was google-able. Especially since my boyfriend’s MOM had googled me. (Which, by the way, CREEPY!) So I decided to start over again under a new name and see how it went. I was really hesitant because I had a pretty good readership over in iceegirl-land and there was no way I could ever build that back up without letting all of my old acquaintances know. So I was torn about who to let in and who to shut out. I finally decided that I’d rather have a smaller audience and not be a hot topic at Christian leadership meetings. (Yes, true! And again, creepy!)

And here we are one year later! I wasn’t sure the Sand Palace could stand up to the test of time and it seems to be holding up pretty well. And I have to thank you, dear readers. Thank you for seeing my pathos and not go skittering about shocked at what I say. Thank you for laughing at my lame jokes and leaving goofy comments. Thank you for your encouragement in difficult times and congratulations in the good times. It makes it worth it.

Here’s to another year of Sand Palace blogging goodness!

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Gina Marie said...

happy birthday little ms. blog!! thanks for keeping me informed!