Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I like to think that I'm both the Beauty AND the Geek

I have a new toy to save up for. I can't quite decide between the above Altec Lansing speakers, (which I am pretty sure I will love because BGF has graciously lent me his old Altec Lansings to use with my iPod and WOW, are they good, and those are his old cheap ones that he got rid of when he bought the awesome bumping Altec Lansings located on his computer now.) or this really neat looking, and judging from my test drive in Target tonight, high quality sounding JBL on Stage pictured below.

According to BGF, he and I bigger geeks than we let on. I disagreed, but then he pointed out that we both use Mozilla Firefox as our Internet Browser. And that I'm a big iPod and iTunes geek. And that we're serious about our broadband.

Which got me to thinking and he does have a point. After all, I was thisclose to convincing him to buy a USB powered mini lava lamp at Target tonight. And just now, the wireless mouse's batteries died and I had a heart attack because OH MY GOD, I CAN'T BLOG and frantically went searching for batteries. Fortunately, some were conveniently located in the digial camera's bag.


But that's ok. Geeks are cool, right? It's chic to be geek! Geeks are the new pink. Being somewhat eletronically inclined is necessary to survive in today's world. I hope. Otherwise, I'm just another HTML nerd giggling because they learned how to program new code.

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Gina Marie said...

sorry geeks are not cool!