Friday, April 01, 2011

Seven Quick Takes - April Fools Edition

1. I'm not gonna lie, I'm not a fan of April Fool's Day. Probably because I'm gullible. Please, be nice to me!

2. I've started a beginner runner training program in the hopes of increasing my speed. I walked/jogged outside the last two days since the weather has been so nice. I tried a new trail yesterday and it was WAY more hilly than I was expecting. And now my shins are KILLING me. KILLING. ME. Like, I thought they were going to snap in half yesterday. Treadmills make you soft, man.

3. Speaking of shin splints, Alex informed me yesterday that he's only gotten them ONCE in his life. Once! I've gotten shin splints my ENTIRE life. (I over pronate like a mug, yo.) I can't imagine an exercise life shin splint free. It must be awesome. And a lot less painful!

4. My mom is making me a memory quilt from some of my grandmother's old clothes. She's been working on it for a few weeks and I'm really excited to see it. I'll be sure to post pictures when I get it.

5. Allow me to complain for a second. So we cloth diaper up in this house, but the 2 that Jack uses overnight are starting to stink. They're by the same company, a Swaddlebees and a Blueberry, and their website was USELESS about making the smell go away. (Their solution? You're probably using too much detergent. Or maybe too little. I dunno.) So I tried stripping them yesterday and I don't think it worked. It's really annoying because our other diapers, Fuzzibunz, won't make it all night. And I don't want to drop the cash for disposable overnight diapers.

6. Jack hates it when I sing to the songs on TV. He'll turn to me and go, "Mama? No." They grow up so fast!

7. Birthday 2.0 preparation is well under way. I ran out of wrapping paper yesterday, which is dangerous because that means I need to go to Target again and that means I'll probably find something else that Jack "needs" for his birthday. I have no birthday self control!

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Christy said...

I'm so impressed with your running. And your cloth diapering. You are amazing!