Monday, March 28, 2011

Big Guy

Jack is going to be 2 on Sunday. TWO! It doesn't seem even possible that my sweet baby boy is going to be two entire years old, and yet here we are. Presents have been ordered. Cupcakes are being contemplated. (I'm thinking Funfetti.) And plans are being made. We're not doing a big party because we just don't know enough people around here to call it a party. My parents are coming in town and we're going to go somewhere fun (Maybe Tinytown?) and let him play and run and eat cupcakes and open presents. I'm bringing (more) cupcakes to Parents' Day Out the next day so he gets to celebrate with his friends there as well. Two days of birthday fun! I bought a Birthday Boy shirt a few months ago and it's hanging in his closet, raring to go. We're all ready.

Except I'm kind of not.

Two years is no longer a baby. Granted, one year old isn't technically a baby either, but I figured I could fake it one more year. He was still wobbly on his feet and so squishy with his baby fat. He was still my sweet little baby, gosh darnit. But I can't really say that anymore. He's my sweet little BOY now. And he's great. Don't get me wrong. He is so much fun. He yells and talks and laughs and claps and marches and kicks and spins in circles. And he always wants me to do it with him. We draw with chalk and stack blocks and play choo choo trains and blow bubbles. He likes to sing songs and play with stickers and tear apart play doh. I don't see how it's possible for him to get more fun or cute or likable.

But, oh, my heart aches when I think of what a little baby he used to be. How time has gone by so very quickly. I can't hold him anymore. He doesn't need me to hold a bottle or give him a paci or hand him a toy or carry him around. He can do that all on his own, thank you very much. He has no time for cuddles when there is so! much! to! do! And I love that he's so big and strong and excited. I'm so thrilled to see him discover the world. But can't we wait on that a little bit longer?

We can't wait. I know. He's a big boy NOW. He's growing up NOW. Right before my eyes. And it's been such a privilege, such an honor to get to know this boy. I can't wait to see the man he grows up to be.

The shirt doesn't lie. He's a big guy.

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Ashley said...

He is ADORABLE! Hope you have a fun birthday celebration (I love funfetti!).
Maybe time to think about another squishy baby....?? Hehe