Monday, April 11, 2011

Random Monday

Here's a couple of things I meant to share on Friday and then, uh, didn't.

- Have you heard Adele's latest CD, 21? It's AMAZING. If you haven't heard her "Someone Like You," here's a video of her singing it live. She sounds so flipping amazing live, it is RIDICULOUS. I'd give my left arm to sing like that, yo.

- And speaking of singing live, you've seen Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon's "Friday" right? Right? I'm sure you have. But I bet you could use a pick me up right this second, so here it is:

Alex and I have watched this HUNDREDS of times now. HUNDREDS. We randomly sing it throughout the day and Jack will even sing "Friday! Friday!" It's just so fun and about 1000 times better than the original. (If you don't know the back story behind this version or if you've never heard Rebecca Black's Friday, let me know! It's way funnier once you know the whole story behind the video.)

- I'm in a book reading rut. I have tried to read Upton Sinclair's Oil! for years now and it's just not happening. I read about half of Room the other night and I can't get up the motivation to read the second half. I even got our book club book last week and can't seem to get the energy up to read it. I need some book reading motivation, stat.

- I've managed to mess my shins up quite spectacularly. They constantly hurt, so I've been using an exercise bike at our apartment complex's workout facility. It's quite possibly the most boring work out ever. I'm wondering if it's time for new shoes? And how much longer I have to ride the bike? Because I miss running and I really miss running outside. We even bought a jogging stroller! And we've used it once because I couldn't even finish the inaugural run with it. I feel like a running wuss.

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Philly said...

I just read a blog post today where someone mentioned they had to read 150 pages of Room to appreciate it. I have no clue what the book is but that stuck with me...glad to be able to pass it along!