Friday, January 28, 2011

Seven Quick Takes - 1/28/11

1. My current favorite cheesy pop song is Bruno Mars' "Grenade." The video is so cheesy and overwrought! I LOVE IT.

2. Jack and I went on a playdate to a place called Mini Town this morning. It was a really neat place with a mini school, HEB (grocery store), living room, disco, salon, and a movie theater. They also had a train, a bouncy house, a giant sand box, and a small playground outside. And what did my kid want to do the entire time? Watch Wonder Pets in the movie theater. What are the chances that they would be playing WONDER PETS today? They are EVERYWHERE I GO. Back off, Ming Ming!

3. The movie theater had little kid-sized movie theater seats. I wanted to take one home with me. For some reason, everything is so much cuter when it's tiny. Why is that?

4. I've had 3 cups of coffee today. I'm drinking the 3rd one right now at 3:30. (I had a hankering for iced coffee.) I will regret this SO MUCH when I try to go to bed tonight.

5. I have succumbed to the ways of FlyLady. While I think her site is still horribly ugly and organized, she DOES have some good tips for getting your house organized and clean. I even bought a microfiber dusting glove at Target this week. (For ONE SINGLE DOLLAR whereas FlyLady wants TEN WHOLE ENTIRE DOLLARS for one on her site.) Plus, anything that promotes keeping a journal with lists has got my love.

6. I haven't scrapbooked a blessed thing this week, but I DID read 3 books. So yay! But they were all silly vampire books. So yay? My friend asked me today if I had read the parenting book I bought on Wednesday and I was all, "Uh priorities!? Vampires come FIRST."

7. We set up Jack's tent for him this week. And he wants NOTHING to do with it. I've tried to get him to go in with me twice. Alex even tried to scrunch himself in there to encourage Jack. We put Cubby in there. And...Jack got close enough to grab Cubby and then SHOT OUT of it like the tent was going to EAT him or something. Baby steps, I guess?

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