Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day and that kid I talk about a lot

I was sick this weekend so that put a damper on Alex's grand Mother's Day celebration plans. We were supposed to eat brunch at my favorite local place and then go clothes shopping for me. Wherever I wanted! Spend whatever I wanted! So fun! (Fun for me only. It is definitely a sacrifice for Alex as he has to wrangle a squirmy one year old who DOES NOT WANT TO SIT! NO, NO, NO!)

Instead, I was woken up by said squirmy one year old busting into our bedroom around 10. Alex was washing the dishes and Jack wandered away. The door to our bedroom doesn't latch properly, so he knows that if he can hit it hard enough, he can get in. And since I had been bed ridden since Friday afternoon, he knew EXACTLY where I was. Alex apologized for the decidedly non exciting way to wake up, but it was okay. I mean, it WAS Mother's Day and who better to wake me up than the reason I am a mother?

Anyways, I didn't feel like eating much or doing much, but I did get a smoothie (A rare treat since Smoothie King things you should pay 7 bucks for a smoothie. Uh, no.) and a trip to the library to pick up the latest book in the latest dumb YA series I'm reading. I stayed in bed for most of the rest of the day and finished that book. (And now I am DYING for the next one to come out and it's not until October. October!) I started feeling better right at the end of the day and Alex got me Rudy's for dinner. Alex also did all the parenting stuff all weekend and kept the house cleaned and did the dishes. I was so glad he was able to do everything. It made the crappy weekend a little bit better. So really, all in all, it was a great Mother's Day considering I felt like crap for most of it.

So far, my Mother's Days haven't been too traditional. Last year, we were traveling 8+ hours from Memphis and this year I was sick. Maybe next year we'll have a more normal day? Somehow, I doubt that.


In other news, I really need to stop calling Jack a baby. Why, you ask? Well! I will be happy to tell you!

1. He sleeps in a big boy bed (sorta). Jack hated his crib. HATED it. I mean HATE, HATE, HATE, HAAAAATED it. With the fiery passion of a thousand suns hated it. It was a lost cause to try and get him to even sit in it for longer than 5 seconds because he started wailing the second you lifted him over the rails. So we converted his crib to a toddler bed last week. And while he still isn't IN LOVE with it (maybe it's the mattress?), he LOOOOOOOOVES the freedom of getting in and out of the bed himself. And we LOOOOOOOOOOOVE the freedom of having our bedroom back to ourselves. We have a complicated system of a twin mattress, my pregnancy pillow (Snoogle!), plus more pillows and blankets on the floor to keep him from rolling onto the floor and hurting himself. He often winds up falling asleep on the twin mattress, but WHATEVER. He's in his room and in a bed that is NOT MINE.

2. He no longer uses any bottles. None. Nada. All gone. He actually transitioned REALLY well to the sippy cup. He probably would have dropped them on his birthday without even noticing. But I was nervous about it and kept putting it off. But then we went cold turkey this past week and of course, he had no problems with it. So I felt like a moron for not doing it earlier. I seriously don't even think he misses the bottles. He still likes his milk heated, but whatever. Hooray for no more bottle washing! (Also, he STILL will not use a cup with a hard spout. He will only use these. And I just read a bunch of negative reviews of them and now feel oddly defensive. Because seriously, those are THE ONLY ONES he will use. And believe me, we have A LOT OF SIPPY CUPS.)

3. He says "Uh-oh!" He just started this today. Mostly because I was singing it around the house and he started repeating me. But it's so totally the cutest thing in the entire world. I don't think that counts as his first word though. I mean, he doesn't say it when he's supposed to. And it's UH-OH. Not something cute and awesome like BALL or DOG or THANK YOU (my first word) or something. So we're still waiting on that milestone. However, I'll take "uh-oh" for now.

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