Sunday, December 28, 2008

So this is Christmas...

Well! I thought I should get at least one more blog post in before the new year. I know I've been slacking, but I have a perfectly good excuse for not blogging that I may or may not share at some point. But it was a conscious decision that I do not regret. And also a long story.

We're in Louisiana for the holidays and this past week has been draining to say the least. My body is rebelling against all of the travel and unhealthy foods. Acid reflux? Check! Swelling? Check! (Wedding rings no longer on!) Insane tiredness? Check! I'm also cranky and lo, am not in the mood for comments on my physical appearance. One of the first things my dad said to me was, 'Well Cora, you look.......pregnant." THANKS DAD. I HAD NO IDEA. Usually he tells me that I look good. But instead he had to leave a huge, giant pause and then say "pregnant" like it was a euphemism for "fat." My aunt also seemed shocked at how big I am for not being "that far along." Lovely. I reminded her that today started the third trimester so I was allowed to have a pregnant belly.

Also? My iPhone broke two days before Christmas. We finally made it to an Apple store today where they promptly replaced it after a failed attempt at restoring it. (Alex and I had already tried to restore it and no luck. But the Genius Bar guy was like, 'That's just because you were using a PC.' Like it was a dirty word or something. So when it didn't work, we both felt very smug and wore our "I told you so" faces very well.) I'm thrilled to finally have my phone back. I was relying on Alex and my mom for my communication needs and I felt so helpless.

We got to visit my uncle's camp in Delacroix Island yesterday and go out on his boat. It was excellent to get out on the water at the end of December. Plus, it was a perfect, beautiful day and a nice break. We took lots of pictures of the water and the pelicans and the houses 17 feet above the ground. The destruction from Katrina is still very apparent and it was so sad to see so much debris everywhere. But people keep rebuilding. It was an excellent picture of perseverance.

Right now, Alex is looking up ideas for things to do in New Orleans tomorrow, as we plan to spend the day touring the city and generally enjoying each others company before we become a family of three. I'm looking forward to it. This trip has only reinforced my love for him and my joy that he is the father of my child. He's going to be an amazing father and I can't wait raise our son with him.

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Jodi said...

We, your loyal readers, want to see how pregnant you look.

And we promise to tell you how beautiful you are. Pinky swear!