Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Google might actually be stalking me

So I don't read any blogs about Barbados or generally talk about Barbados or even know where Barbados is on a map. But I know A LOT about Barbados because I interviewed my sister-in-law's boyfriend who is from Barbados. And I have spent an enormous amount of time working on a paper and presentation about him and Barbados. So Barbados. It's on my mind. And then tonight, Google Reader suggests that I read a blog called Barbados Free Press. A blog dedicated to BARBADOS. A place in which I have never been and have never mentioned to Google. BUT IT KNOWS I WANT TO READ ABOUT BARBADOS. I read zero blogs that mention Barbados. Does Google Reader read my e-mail? Check my voicemails? Scan my texts? Because how do they know about the Barbados thing? First they put my house on the internet and now they know I'm immersed in Bajan culture. Something is UP, y'all.


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The Crows said...

Maybe it's a sign for you to take a trip to Barbados.......