Sunday, October 26, 2008


One day you'll get married. And then you'll get pregnant. And then your house will kind of deteriorate. But it will be okay because your mother-in-law will graciously come to your house to help.

Except that there are some items in your house that are for married couples only. Items that were given to you on your bachelorette party. Such as a book. With, ahem, explicit material. So it's not something you really want someone to see. Particularly someone such as your mother-in-law.

But your husband assures you that he found said book in time and hid it. No worries!

So later that day when your mother-in-law is folding your laundry, she looks down and sees a book! She thinks it's an almanac! So she picks it up! And starts to read it! And you realize that when your husband said "hide" he meant "left it RIGHT WHERE SHE CAN FIND IT."

And then you die.

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