Saturday, October 25, 2008


As I mentioned in my last post, we are having our big mid point ultrasound on November 4th. I thought this was brilliant because I didn't have school or class on that day and it was only two weeks away. My parents had mentioned wanting to come up for the big event, but I assumed they wouldn't be able to with only two weeks notice. Which was a shame, but I wasn't overly upset about it. After all, Alex and I haven't even seen the baby yet. So I was okay with just the two of us (and the ultrasound tech) getting the first glimpse of our offspring. Plus, I assumed my parents were all talk. I moved up here in 2002. Six, VERY LONG years ago. My parents did not come visit me until 2007. (And that was because I was getting married.) That's right, it took them five years to even bother entering the same state I resided in. In fact, 2007 marked my father's very first visit to the STATE OF OHIO despite the fact that his only child had moved there in 2002. So yeah, when we scheduled the ultrasound, I assumed that a mere two weeks notice would not be enough to get them back up here. After all, the first trip took FIVE YEARS for them to make.

You know where this is going right? I've set it up enough, haven't I?

HOLY CRAP, MY PARENTS ARE COMING BACK. And with less than two weeks notice. I was so shocked when my dad told me that all I could say was, 'Oh?' I told Alex and I thought his eyes might pop out of his head. Because my parents? Coming up here? Only a year and two months after their last visit?

This is not the issue. The REAL issue is the date of the ultrasound. November 4th. Remember, I scheduled this when I assumed my parents could not come. Now my parents are coming. ON ELECTION DAY.

My parents are Republicans. I mean RE.PUB.LI.CANS. During the last election, my mom actually asked me if I voted for the "right" candidate. Fortunately, she never specified WHO the "right" candidate was, so I was able to answer "yes" without hesitation. They love W. They hate Clinton. I remember watching the election night results when Clinton won his second term and my dad was disgusted, DISGUSTED, that Bob Dole was losing. BOB DOLE, YOU GUYS. That's how conservative my family is.

And while I may have grown up in a super conservative family, I did not marry into one. I married into a currently pro-Democratic family. A family who campaigns for Obama. A family who has signs for Obama in their front yard.






Philly said...

I'm laughing :-) Love you both! What would she say if she knew you cussed, too??

The Crows said...

HAHAHAHA! Thankfully love for baby trumps love of politics....I think.... :)

Alex said...

I think once she finds out she only cusses at me she might be ok with it.