Monday, September 22, 2008


One year ago today, Alex and I committed our lives to each other in the shortest, most romantic ceremony I have ever cried at. I have no idea if it was actually short or romantic, but in my mind it was, plus, I CRIED like, THE WHOLE TIME. So I had no idea what was going on for most of it because I kept thinking, "Why am I CRYING so much? Pull it together woman!" I didn't talk a lot about our wedding on here because...well...I had some issues with it. But the most important thing is that we got married. I couldn't be happier and I certainly couldn't ask for a better partner in life. Sometimes I feel like I might be dreaming because we are just so good together. I wake up some mornings and just can't believe I married such a handsome, charming, loving man. He listens to me. He takes care of me. He makes me laugh. And this past year was hard. Not for us as a couple. We didn't struggle with typical newlywed problems. Instead, we both had family crises ranging from my father's spine surgery to his father's death. But we made it through together. I can't imagine going through life's difficulties and joys with anyone else.

Unfortunately, we did nothing to celebrate because I have been so sick. I started off the weekend puking and never really recovered. Nothing sounded fun unless it involved laying down in bed. The thought of dinner at a restaurant made my stomach turn. Which kind of left us up a creek as far as romantic plans go. So instead we watched a lot of football this weekend and went to work today as usual. And to top it all off, we had a doctor's appointment. YES! Nothing says "Happy Anniversary" quite like peeing in a cup and getting weighed in public.

But this visit was different because we (finally) were able to hear the heartbeat. It didn't take the doctor very long to find it, but I was still nervous as she moved the doppler around. And suddenly there it was. The sheer joy on Alex's face when he heard the woosh woosh woosh of the heartbeat was unbelievable. He looked so happy and so proud and then immediately whipped out his phone so he could record it, just like a true geek. It was the best anniversary present he could have ever given me. He looked at me with the same, perfect face of love that he did on our wedding.

He adores me. He adores our unborn child. I can't wait to celebrate many more anniversaries with him.


The Crows said...

Happy sigh and big smile.

mrscouvie said...

It may be my own pregnancy hormones, but... that post was so sweet it brought tears to my eyes. Congrats you guys! : )