Saturday, July 12, 2008

Yes, Yes, I've Calmed Down

I know, I know, I know. I am a drama, drama, drama queen. I know. I can't help it.

But I got the freakin' phone.

Alex came home insanely sweaty and tired. He took a shower, and then promptly turned around and drove to Cincinnati. The line wasn't too long...but we discovered upon arrival that they were only letting people in one at a time. Which makes sense due to the hysteria of the iPhone. An Apple employee informed me that people were buying 5 at a time. FIVE IPHONES AT ONE TIME.

So waited for 2 1/2 hours (not the 4 that was predicted) and I got the phone.

Two things that annoyed me.

1) Just because I am standing in line does not mean that I cannot hear. My desire for an iPhone doesn't render me deaf, either. So, all of my fellow mall consumers who walked by? I COULD HEAR YOU. I know what you think about me, and that is fine. But I'm not judging you in your too-tight shorts and bad hair. So BACK OFF.

2) After two hours of line waiting, an Apple employee comes by asking if anyone was an existing AT&T customer. Which we are. He then informs us that if we have a corporate discount on our plan, that they will not be able to help us tonight. Yes. Guess who has a corporate discount on their plan? Alex immediately called and canceled it and the AT&T rep told him that it might not go through for another 24 hours. At which point, we could have killed people with daggers in our eyes. Seriously AT&T? I checked your website multiple times so I would know what to do? And you didn't mention that? Also? Why can't you process a new iPhone on an account with a discount? Is it that hard? Obviously, it went okay and I got the phone, but I was seriously stressed out when we walked into the store. Also? Alex is calling back today to get the discount put back on our account.

Did I mention that Alex is amazing yet? Because he is. He was insanely tired and hadn't eaten anything since noon. And he drove to Cincinnati and stood in line with me for 2 1/2 hours for a phone he wasn't eligible to receive yet. All because I am a freak and was obsessed with getting the phone yesterday. I love him.


bell said...

test. i might have figured out why comments aren't working for me. i might be stupid.

bell said...

yep. ok, what i said yesterday was hooray for iPhones and hooray for an awesome husband! matt and i are in serious talks about getting them.