Friday, July 11, 2008


On the way home, I stop by the local AT&T store to pick up the iPhone. Sold out. I call the closest Apple store and they have it. But it's a 4 hour wait for it. I am disappointed but decide I can probably wait until tomorrow. I then almost rear end someone because the person in front of them felt as though it was necessary to come to a COMPLETE STOP to turn right. I then try to get over. I look and see no one. I start to merge. Suddenly, there is a car right next to me. I get back over and the guy gives me THE LOOK. I avoid him. We stop at the next stoplight right next to each other. I look away. The whole time. I leave Alex a voice mail telling him that I need him to drive me for the rest of the day, since clearly, I am incapable of this process on my own. I come home, check the mail, let the dogs out, and promptly drop my phone. It is now dead. Dead as dead can be. Deader than dead. So dead, it's not even funny. Alex is still not home because he is biking home from work. BIKING. He won't be home for quite a while. And I have no cell phone. With no prospects of an iPhone. I just finished off our Ben and Jerry's. The End.