Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm Back

And things are insane. I came in with just enough time to run to the bookstore, drop $300 on books and head to five hours of class. Yep, 300 bucks for summer school classes. And yep, five hours. And now I am tired and my online class isn't working correctly and I have to go to work tomorrow with no food.

But the trip? Was pretty good. More later.

(Photo courtesy of my mother who saw my camera, went insane, and proceeded to take a severely large amount of pictures. Some of which are pretty amazing. Don't ask me how she does it because she's never had a DSLR in her hands before, nor has she ever spent any time learning about photography. She's naturally that good.)

(And I hate her for it.)

(Oh, just kidding. I love you Mommy!)

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