Wednesday, January 25, 2006

iPod Down

My iPod is broken. Yes, broken. Not even just broken. Dead. In the water. DNR. Kaput.

I can't get it fixed without paying a sizable amount of money to the bastards at Apple. And I have to send it away to do this! I can't let my little girl go off into the world never to return! What if she meets some strangers who offer her candy? Or ask her to get into a large, unmarked van? We can't have that happenning! She might become scarred for life and unable to give the perfect random mix I need while I'm bemoaning the woes of life!

So I can't decide if I should just put this iPod out to pasture and purchase a new, more fancified one or get this one fixed. I have a lot of senimental attachment to my current one, even though it's now big and bulky and outdated and TOTALLY without a color screen. But I love her....

What to do?

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