Saturday, December 10, 2005

Learning Something New Today

I apologize to those of you who trudged through the previous post with all the grammatical and spelling errors. I just re-read and edited it about 50 times. Yes, I am an English graduate. And yes, Dr. Wink would be so proud.

I learned today that if you're a cheerleader in a white uniform and it's cold outside, you should really really really really consider getting a thicker sportsbra. Or wearing one period. Whatever. Because everyone can tell you're cold. And that's just embarassing. Especially when someone who blogs sees it and decides to put it on the internet.

Secondly, I dislike the Atlanta Bread Company and will not spend any of my hard-earned money there. Minestrone soup does not need noodles to compliment it's awesome minestrone-ness. It also does not need to be as thick as chili. Ever. That is the incorrect consistency for minestrone soup.

And finally, I learned a very important fact while editing the previous post. When I repulished and went to go back here to check my handiwork, I took a little detour. I always just type in "sa" in my URL box thingy and hit the down arrow button to come back here because I hate hitting the "View Blog" link on the published page. Don't ask me why. So I totally thought I had hit said down arrow button, but no! The URL blox only had "sa" in it! And I hate it when this happens because now my blog isn't the first one in the list and I'll have to type in "san" from now on and I cannot be bothered typing in an extra letter. That's entirely too much work. So as I was bemoaning the fact that my index finger would have to stretch to a new line on the keyboard, the page pulls up for "sa." And what do I find? Sexaholics Anonymous! So if you're ever looking for a little light reading on your way to the sand palace, there's a place to go.

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Jodi said...

Interesting reading there! Be careful what you type eh? ROFLOL