Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I'm It

Jodi tagged me and I feel so special because I've never been tagged before. I think it's funny how memes have replaced those old e-mail 1000 question survey things. You know, the ones that everyone filled out and sent, but not before prefacing with "I was bored" or "You don't have to read it if you don't want." But really, they weren't bored and they do want you to read it, otherwise they wouldn't have taken the time to answer 1000 questions and then e-mail it to you. But I think that's good. It's fine and dandy to want to talk about yourself. That's how 1000 question e-mails and memes keep going. And I admit it, I love talking about me. Cora is awesome!

So this one asks for five little known facts about yourself. Here goes.

1) My dream job is to be a television recapper. I love TWoP and adore the recaps. And I can't imagine anything more fun than watching TV and getting paid for it. Especially when I then get to turn around and write more about it. This does make me a really big dork and I have to keep my funny little TWoP anecdotes to myself, otherwise people will realize I actually am a loser. But even my closest friends tire of me starting sentences with, "And the recapper said this...about that...and...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Can't you see the collective eye roll right now? God bless my friends.

2) I can't pronounce "meme." How the hell do you say that? I've tried every single variation I can think of and they all sound stupid. Consequently, I feel stupid for being unable to pronounce it.

3) I think glasses are like, SO sexy.

4) I enjoy reading reality TV "stars'" (and believe me, I do use that term loosely) blogs. There's something about them that I find fascinating. Probably appeals to that same part of me that likes to see train wrecks. This kind of goes back to the TV thing from number 1. If it wasn't for TWoP I wouldn't be able to find these people's My Spaces and Xangas and such. And it again makes me a total dork, no matter how bored I get on a Sunday afternoon. But I do! And I communicate! Oh yes. Sara from The 70's House? E-mailed her twice.

5) Apparently, I can't count. I just wrote "6," instead of 5. This fact was so little known, I didn't even know until just now. Feel special you were able to share this moment of realization with me as I close this list: I'm stupid and can't count.

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Jodi said...

LOL! Good List! May I suggest Sesame Street for your next recap? That will help with the counting issue! :)