Friday, August 27, 2010

Seven Quick Takes - 8/27/10

1. So I got up and went to the gym at 5:30 this morning. I know I won't shut up about it, but I just can't get over it. And if you know me, then you know that is a HUGE deal. I am not a morning person AT ALL. (My friends from college are groaning and snickering all at the same time.) So for me to get up that early for the express purpose of EXERCISING? Well, the world might stop spinning.

2. I went to a spin class where the instructor announced, "I just have to embarrass Frank here, but tomorrow is his 75th birthday." And then! Then! At the end of class, he asked Frank (I have no idea if that is his name or not.) if he was going to ride tomorrow for his birthday, because he remembered when he rode 70 miles to celebrate his 70th birthday. What! What? I cannot do that now and I am THIRTY. This man is my new hero.

3. We found a Parent's Day Out program for Jack! I am so excited for him to start "school." I know a lot of moms get all misty at the thought of their baby starting school, but not me! I am PUMPED that he gets to spend time with kids his age and learn how to socialize without Momma holding his hand. Plus, I think the break will help me be a better parent.

4. I took Jack to the gym with me yesterday and he actually survived in the day care the entire time! They called me to come get him right at the end of my run, so I finished up and hustled down there. I assumed they called me because he was having a melt down, but nope, he had just pooped. I've never been so happy to hear he had pooped in his life.

5. I am in the market for a cute, potentially chunky, long necklace. And I need it to look good with a dark purple tank with ruffles along the top. I'm going to check out Kohl's today because I would also like it to be cheap. I'm a little nervous because I am not very good at accessorizing. I might wind up looking like a moron.

6. My kid loves Super WHY. My inner book nerd is so proud.

7. Have I mentioned that I got a new flat iron for my birthday? Because I did. And it is AWESOME. Life changing, even. I picked this one based on its good reviews on Amazon. And I am happy to report that is well worth the money. (It was cheaper at Wal-Mart, where my parents bought it.) I don't even have to dry my hair at night anymore. I can just let it air dry and get all weird and frizzy and the next morning, the flat iron makes it ALL GO AWAY. It is AMAZING.

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philly said...

As a college friend who remembers how much you love mornings, it wasn't so much snickering as it was pure awe. So impressed!