Wednesday, July 07, 2010


So my baby turned 15 months old over the weekend. I have a big old list of stuff he is doing these days that I will post later. (Or never. Whichever.)

We had his well baby visit today, except that HA HA, he's not well at all. We took him in knowing he wasn't feeling awesome and surprise, surprise! He has strep throat. PARENTS OF THE YEAR, Y'ALL. We had NO IDEA he was that sick. NONE. The least the kid could do is ACT sick. But nooo...he just acts tired and we just had a big road trip, so we contributed it to that. So we bring him into the office and we're all...yeah, he's not quite himself, ya know?

And then the nurse is like...he has a fever.

And the doctor is like...his throat is really red.

And the strep test is like...POSITIVE.

So he's sick. For the first time ever. It's almost a relief to finally get this over with. Don't get me wrong, I've really enjoyed him NOT being sick, but I knew it was going to happen at some point, and I was really dreading it. But so far, so good. He was super extra snuggly this morning and went down for his nap with no protest, so I can't really complain, so really, him being sick has been AWESOME for me. But I felt just AWFUL when they told me had strep. Poor little baby! I got that ALL THE TIME when I was a kid and it sucks. And I had no idea! I am an idiot!

I picked up his antibiotics tonight and about 30 minutes after his first dose, he was HEALED COMPLETELY. Suddenly, he was no longer tired or snuggly or mopey. He wanted to run! And play! And throw things! I'm not sure what was in those 3.5 mm of white stuff, but it was MAGIC, y'all. MAGIC. And we've got 10 more days of it. Hooray?

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Jodi said...

Awww, don't feel bad. Kids are amazingly good at hiding things like that. When we get sick we just want to sit and be sick. Kids.... nope. They run and play and are just a little mopey or cranky.

Hope the miracle medicine keeps him so happy. :)