Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Post with Pictures

So, no, I didn't take pictures of my mismatched shoes. Although I am proud to announce that I have successfully matched my shoes yesterday and today. I brought flip flops today as a back up and put them on around noon when my feet were swollen so hugely, they could barely fit into my shoe. And those matched too! Woo!

Anyways, here are the long awaited pictures of the nursery. Now, let me emphasize it is not super cute yet. We haven't ordered the wall decals, nor has my mother sent me the bumper pads, bedskirt, or curtains yet. But I am pretty confident that if I don't post these now, I never will. You know it's true. I can't even put matching shoes on in the morning.

First up, here are some blurry, not very great quality pictures of the bed skirt. The train is the long side and his name will be on the ends of the crib.

Here are the bumper pads. Aren't they cute? My mom has spent many, many, many, many hours sewing all of this stuff. I think one reason she hasn't sent these yet is because she doesn't want me to actually use them. That whole SIDS risk thing, you know? But I have to at least put them in for a little while and take pictures, right?

Ok! On to the items that are actually in our house. Here is the cute little cubby hole shelving unit we got form IKEA. We even have a few books for him on there. The red frames will have pictures of the grandparents holding their very first grandchild for the very first time.

Here is the crib. And yes, that adorable bag hanging from it is my diaper bag. Yay for Vera Bradley sales that I happened to find months ago! After the crib, there is a close up of the quilt and mobile. Again, the quilt is amazing and made by my mom. And frankly, I think the mobile is the most adorable thing in the ENTIRE WORLD.

Here's the glider and dresser/changer. The blanket on the arm of the glider was made by my friend Laura. It is so awesome and so soft.

Here's a close up of the basket on the changing table. It's nothing spectacular, but I liked this picture. My mother-in-law gave this to me at my shower and it's filled up with lots of baby-changing needs.

And there you have it! The nursery. It is mostly done. Alex did all the hard work of putting everything together and has been so kind as to put things away, as I sit in the glider with my feet up and point. So, I guess this means we're ready?



Philly said...

Sooooo cute! Good job on putting everything together, Alex! Tell your momma the quilt and bedding is awesome!!

Jodi said...

As ready as you ever will be!

His room looks great.

Christy said...

Too CUTE!! Yay for pictures! It looks great. I can't believe your mom did all that. She is way talented. (Of course, I already knew that from your wedding!)

Gina said...

your mom is so amazing!! think she would make stuff for me when i have a kid!?!