Thursday, February 12, 2009

Don't Worry, That Nesting Thing was a FLUKE

Ready for a disjointed post? Me too!

Yeah, washing the baseboards. Hasn't happened since. But that nursery is CLEAN, man. Well, it was until Alex put together our changer/dresser combo and all of the styrofoam packaging went everywhere. We'll clean that up when our crib comes in. WHENEVER IT COMES IN, DO YOU HEAR ME BABIES R US? I was NOT pleased this weekend when we went to go purchase said crib and lo and behold, they were OUT OF STOCK. Maybe, just maybe, you should tell people it's out of stock, (like a sign? on the price tag? somewhere!?) so they could go ahead and order it early instead of waiting for very important people to be in town to buy the crib. And the only reason we have the changer/dresser is because they couldn't order it and there was only one left in the state of Ohio and we had to drive to Cincinnati to get it. Yeah. GREAT.

Anyway, the nesting has cut back. I thought I was in full-on nest mode, but apparently not. My apathy is pretty much insurmountable! Hooray! I am the least domesticated mother-to-be ever!

I've been getting sick a lot lately. I missed out on Friday night good times and desperately needed Monday morning internship hours because of all sort of ailments. The third trimester really is the return of the first trimester, only with more reflux and grunting. Awesome.

I got my hair done. Of course I haven't taken a picture of it. But it is MUCH shorter and MUCH blonder. I've gotten several compliments on it, so I guess it was a step in the right direction. Even though Alex dislikes me as a blond. Weirdo.

I have also officially reached the "you're so pregnant, I can talk to you about it, even though we are complete and total strangers!" phase of pregnancy. I got multiple comments while out and about this weekend. Most of these were negative as well. Well, not necessarily meant as negative, but being told that I'm huge and am going to pop and that I look miserable (FROM STRANGERS) really isn't uplifting. The best comment was at IKEA, where a girl stopped me to tell me that I was "so cute!" It was the nicest comment so far, so thanks IKEA girl! Please continue to tell me I am cute while I waddle around instead of calling me huge. I DO NOT LIKE THAT.

Geez, there was something else but now I've forgotten. This is unsurprising because I forget EVERYTHING now. Everything! I went to my supervisor's office twice today to ask him questions and both times, I forgot what I was there for. I had to turn around and go back to my desk and sit quietly before I could remember what was so important that I chose to stand up for in the first place. I am blaming this on pregnancy brain, not on getting old.

Alex and I have survived three of our four hospital-offered classes. I'm very proud of both of us. Even though I could not SHUT UP during the breastfeeding vidoes last night, because my lands, those were some scary, scary women parts.


Christy said...

Must see pics of new 'do. Also can't wait to see pics of nursery! Yay!

PHil said...

I would also like to see pics of the hair!

And I laughed as I read this post... I could just picture your facial expressions and hand movements during your rants on Babies R Us and strangers talking to you!