Monday, November 03, 2008

Am Tired. Can't Post.

I took my parents to the Air Force Museum today and we only made it through one of the buildings. For those of you who have never been, there are THREE buildings involved. We were there for almost THREE HOURS and only made it through ONE BUILDING. My dad wanted to read every single thing available. And that is A LOT OF READING. So I sat down every opportunity I got and we didn't even make it past WWII. I am exhausted from all the planes and memorabilia and walking. It was just too much for this sickly pregnant lady to handle.

In other FANTASTIC news, our upstairs bathroom (which is OUR bathroom) has decided to go kablooey. Neither the sink nor the bathtub will drain. Of course, this happens the second my parents show up. So now we have to barge through their bedroom to get to their bathroom to do basic things like wash our hands and brush our teeth. HOORAY! That is exactly what our bank account needs right now!

(Frankly, all this post is is filler for tomorrow's big reveal. I am pretty excited to finally see the baby. I think it might be real, y'all!)

But before we can take care of that, Alex and I have to go vote. We tried to vote early on Sunday, but we got there fifteen minutes after the place opened and there were already over 1,000 people there. And that is not my patented exaggeration. There were 1,000 people waiting to vote. Which is incredibly exciting, yet also extremely annoying when you have to wait for all 1,000 people to vote. So we decided to just wait and try our luck on the big day. We're planning on getting up early and going over to vote. Then we'll come back and wake up my parents so I can go shower in the guest bathroom. GAH!

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