Monday, August 18, 2008


So I'm pregnant. And miserable. Insanely, mind-numbingly miserable. I'm having one of those first trimesters that people don't talk about because then the human race would become extinct. I am nauseous CONSTANTLY. But never enough to puke and get it over with. I just ALWAYS feel sick. And I have felt like this for over a month. For reals. I started feeling bad right around the last time I posted in July. Coincidence? I think not.

For example, today is Monday. I haven't left the house since Thursday. I haven't showered since Saturday. The reason I showered Saturday? Because I was feeling gross for not showering since Thursday. I don't know why, but showering reduces me to tears and makes me feel extra sick. Why is that? The hot water? The prolonged period of standing upright? (10 minutes! Of standing! Oh no!) Today , I had to go outside to check the license plate of the Vue so I could pay the OUTRAGEOUS parking permit fee for the fall semester. And it felt weird. Weird to go OUTSIDE INTO SUNSHINE. I walked back inside and fought back the urge to puke. (Though, to be fair, the urge to puke might have come from having to pay $135 for a freaking NIGHT PASS for GRADUATE SCHOOL that doesn't even cover ALL THE PARKING LOTS ON CAMPUS.) I then had to go lay down. And this post? Has taken me almost an hour to write because I had to lay down TWICE while writing it.

On the plus side, I have watched endless hours of Summer Olympics coverage. Bob Costas and I are BFF. Same with that weird dude who does the daytime coverage. I have yet to learn his name but I *heart* him as well. If only they could calm my troubled innards. Until then, I'm going to keep eating small meals and praying that the neighbors' dog will suddenly become mute and let me sleep for CRYING OUT LOUD, my god people, why don't you control your animal!? I am pregnant and miserable and am not above throwing rocks at you! Not that I have the stamina to stand up and throw a rock, but still! Don't underestimate me!


Philly said...

Aiyeeee...I hope the doc can give you something to make you feel better. And I'm still really excited for you!

Jodi said...

For me puking does not relieve the nausea. It doesn't work like the flu where you puke and then feel better for awhile. Nope. I feel like puking (and do so) 24/7.

If you are lucky it should end somewhere between 12-16 weeks. Mine always does anyway.