Monday, January 22, 2007

Embarassing Confession Time!

I realized today that I know all the words to Fergilicious. And London Bridge. And when I saw Fergie's CD on sale for ten bucks at Best Buy...I gave in. Just gave in all weak-like and bought it like the 13-year-old I am. But I suppose she's already won because the amount of times Alex and I talk to each about "going to the gym and working on our fitness" is amazingly embarrassing.

I also realized today that I no longer have the words memorized to Sonnet #32 from Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Sonnets from the Portuguese. Boo!

So what I'm saying is that I wish Elizabeth Barrett Browning could have set her poems to catchy, yet annoying pop beats so I could still know them. After all, I think Browninglicious sounds like something you'd learn in Brit Lit, right?

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Leah said...

I had never heard the word Fergiliscious until today, when I read it on three separate blogs. I guess I should consider myself lucky.