Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I went to college with this girl. It's so senseless and tragic. She and I weren't friends, just acquaintances. She was pretty and popular and I was neither of those things, so our social circles never really connected. But we had Advanced Grammar together and I sat behind her and envied her tan. She always smiled at me and was so kind to Lana when she'd get frustrated with Dr. Wink's "lottery." And now she's gone. Killed by the man who loved her. I can't hardly believe it.

All day today, I've been weirded out by this. She was basically a stranger to me. Her husband went to school with us too, but I never met him. So it's not like I actually know these people. And still...I find this so disturbing that I can't stop thinking about it. So if you're the praying kind, do say a prayer for Ashley Pittman Scott's family. They need it right now.

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J. Crow said...

It's been weirding me out too. I had goosebumps for a long time. Your husband is supposed to be your protector. Sad, sad, sad.