Tuesday, November 14, 2006


That is Alex's house and a rather unflattering picture at that. Sorry Gina. Sorry Alex.

Today I went to the gym and eased my aching muscles with a leisurely run on the elliptical. Tomorrow is the big day in which I premiere my running prowess and I am (not) excited about it!

I thought this article about a man losing his Star Wars virginity was hilarious.

I have a lot I could say about work, but I can't write about it and it's really stunting my ability to post at this second. Because work is what is on my mind, but work is what I cannot write about. Stupid internet blogging rules!

This weekend is the big Ohio State vs. Michigan game and the good people of Ohio are already getting pumped up for this. I might actually watch the game this year. In my jersey, of course.


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