Sunday, July 09, 2006

Total Loss...sort of

Ok, so I didn't spend much time at my Aunt's house. So little time in fact, that I didn't even get to play on her laptop. I did, however, drool all over her flat screen monitor, so that was fun. Of course.

The big news of the trip? I was leaving the Wal-Mart parking lot Sunday night and while I was waiting to pull out onto the road, I got rear ended. I screamed like a little girl and started crying, so the poor kid who hit me FREAKED OUT. I was fine, but I didn't act like it. So I called my mom to come help me and we did the accident report/exchange insurance info thing. Turns out it really was a kid who hit me...I'm not even sure he was a senior in high school yet. He was really nice and apologetic and his parents were the nicest people ever. They tried to fix my car without getting their insurance company involved, so I went to get a free estimate at a local body shop. And it turns out that my car was totaled. Yes. TOTALED. Turns out my awesomely awesome car is only worth a whopping $2,350. And the price to fix my car? $2,500 at least. None of us were expecting it to cost that much, so the poor kids' parents had to get their insurance company involved. I was a little nervous because I really needed to keep my car so I could get back home. But I was afraid that would mean I'd get all of $300 as a settlement or something, you know? I was afraid that driving a 12 year old car that is practically worthless to everyone else would totally screw me over. Because even though the Sentra is worthless to everyone else, it is of infinite value to me.

But it turns out all this worrying was for naught. The insurance adjustor turned out to be awesome. So awesome in fact, that I pondered proposing marriage on site. I somehow managed to refrain myself, seeing as how that would freak him out so much that he wouldn't write me a lovely check. A lovely, lovely check for a mere $200 less than the blue book value for my car! So now I've got a good-sized downpayment in the bank and am car shopping. Got any suggestions?

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Leah said...

Buy a Mini and then give it to me!

I'm not about to spend my own money on one, but if it was a gift, I wouldn't say no. :)