Thursday, April 28, 2005

Tom is MY Man

You know what? I don't give A CRAP about what Dubya has to say. And you know why? BECAUSE HE IS PRE-EMPTING SURVIVOR AS I TYPE.

Yeah, I'm shallow, I admit it. I'm not afraid to sport my love of all things Survivor. I'd rather watch the backstabbing and the manipulation and the skinniness than the accent and the talking in circles and the stupidity. And I think I deserve my precious Survivor time. Because the last time I loved that show, I could stuff my face with Wild Cherry Pepsi and Peanut Butter M&M's and not gain weight. And THEN I could spew it all out laughing at Ethan's bobbing curls while carrying a goat. (Ethan carried the goat, not me. I may have gone to college in Arkansas, but that does not mean that I carried goats to make extra cash.) It was a LONG time ago, people. A happier and innocent time.

But this season is really good! It's brought back the happiness! It's brought back the love! Because it has Tom! The awesomest of awesome! And Ian! Despite his unfortunate moniker, he is quite the winner! AND I CAN'T WATCH TOM AND IAN BECAUSE OF THE PRESIDENT I DIDN'T VOTE FOR.

They call this justice? They call this a free country? I THINK NOT.

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Bell said...

OH!!! I've been meaning to tell you! I was watching a Survivor special, and guess what clip they had for Ethan!!?! Oh, it brought back so many memories and I definitely laughed out loud!!! Wish we still had that on tape, because I could definitely see it a few more times!!