Saturday, October 07, 2006

Horton Wins!

I went to Tim Horton's this morning in my pajamas. At first I thought about at least putting on a pair of jeans, but then I figured that if I get confused with a high schooler even when I'm dressed up, I could also be confused with a college student. And college students are allowed to go on a chocolate chip muffin/everything bagel run in their Care Bear pajamas with Grumpy Bear sweatshirt and Old Navy flip flops.

Sadly, I think there's something very wrong with the Tim Horton's by Alex's house. They don't understand the fine art of cream cheese distrubition. I usually ask for my bagel toasted and with plain cream cheese. I usually get a bagel that was lovingly toasted on one side with a disturbingly large amount of cream cheese stuck in the middle of the bagel. And by "middle," I mean "hole." The place where there is no bagel-y goodness to absorb the cream cheesey goodness. Today was no exception and I found that there was actually more cream cheese suspended in mid air than there was on the actual bagel. But, on the bright side, both sides were toasted.

But they also don't understand a litle something I like to call "supply and demand." They run out of our favorite muffins often. Alex lives and dies for their Fruit Explosion muffin. (I've tried said muffin and am not sure why he loves it so much, but he finds them amazing and irresitable and other Tom-Cruise-approved adjectives. And far be it for me to question he who looks hot in a suit with his boyish grin and red hair.) And yet, sometimes he has to go without his explosion of fruit in muffiny goodness because the good people at Tim Horton's always run out of them. And by "sometimes," I mean "often." I get angry e-mails and text messages about stupid Tim Horton's and their lack of exploding fruit. Often.

It doesn't happen just to him, though. My personal favorite is the chocolate chip muffin. And this morning, while in my pajamas, I thought, "Mmmm...a choclate chip muffin would go great with a toasted Everything bagel with cream cheese. Then I can go buy new pants because I am the fattest woman in the history of the world." So when I arrived at Tim Horton's (in my Care Bear pajamas), I ordered a chocolate chip muffin and then they waited until I had driven up to pay to tell me that they had "just run out of chocolate chip muffins."

Argh. And yet we keep going back. So Tim Horton's wins. And all I do is complain on my blog. Loser.

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