Sunday, September 10, 2006

Update to the Previous Post in which I Expouded on Meeting People on the Internet versus Real Life

So the dude who lives (I think?) near Alex? Well, he signed onto AIM last night! So I almost immediately pounced. Here's my interpretation of how our conversation went:

Me: Dude? Hey! How are you? What's up? I think I know where you live! I saw you! Oh my gosh.

Dude: Um, yeah, maybe. Whatever.

Me: So my boyfriend lives near you and we've both seen you walking your dog and I'm so excited to talk to you!

Dude: Yeah, ok. Maybe. So where do you go to church?

Me: ...

I think maybe I came on a little too strong? Not sure really. I just know that he wasn't overly excited at the thought of seeing me or really talking to me either. Oops.

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